*Official Selection - New Designers Screening Prize 2014*                            
*Official Selection - London International Animation Festival 2015 (Abstract Showcase)*

Yatara Nu is inspired by my Mother's memories of her childhood in India before moving to England in 1969. Focusing on a day in India, the colours, patterns, textures and shapes associated with the culture play key roles in representing these memories in abstract, vibrant forms.

In order for the animation to be personal, the music was created specifically for the project by a composer, George Grinling. I started by gathering stories, thoughts, music, photos and fabrics that were personal to my Mother. This helped me understand the feeling of being in the city. I created a set of speed paintings based off of these and then started to piece together the visuals. The moodboards, paintings and storyboard were then passed onto the composer with little guidance. I wanted him to be able to work off of feeling just as I had done.

One aspect of production that was very important to me was that the music was used as part of the process as opposed to just being added at the end. It helped drive the narrative and keep the animation true to what I set out to create, yet kept me thinking of new ideas to explore no matter how far down the pipeline.
Design & Animation (2D, 3D and cel): Anita Gill
Music: George Grinling




Speed Paintings